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Dropping the Mallett

With the NFL combine upon us, the media sharks are swarming and Ryan Mallett is doing his best doggie-paddle to get away from the frenzy. Focusing on recent drug allegations, reporters immediately began grilling him looking for a headline. “First one, huh?” said Mallett (referring to the first question), “No, I’m not going to talk about … Continue reading

Leave it to Beaver

In this day and age, winning is everything. So when Cal-Tech basketball recorded their fifth win in 25 games (for non math majors that’s 5 wins and 20 losses), pandemonium ensued. After the hard fought 46-45 victory over Occidental, the fans, including the school president, stormed the court, yelling and screaming as if they had just … Continue reading

Throwing Like a Girl

Justine Siegal, 36, grew up loving and playing (whenever she got the chance) a game that society dictates is for boys; baseball. As an adult, her passion for the game continues to grow, so much so that she created a 501(c)3, Baseball for All, which is dedicated to providing females more opportunities within the sport. “What I want is … Continue reading