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In the past few months much of the focus in the news has been placed on bullying in schools and the effect that bullying has on kids, their families and the community.  So it’s refreshing when you hear a story such as I read on a post by Rick Reilly on

Nadin Khoury is one of tens of thousands of kids each year who are victims of bullying in schools.  Who is Nadin Khoury you ask, and why is he worthy of special mentioning?  He’s worthy of mentioning because he took his story public after a video was posted on YouTube of seven kids beating him senselessly and his mother filed charges against these kids.  Once the story became public, an appearance on the daytime talk show “The View” followed, where Elizabeth Hasselbeck surprised young Nadin with an appearance by three members of the Philadelphia Eagles: Pro Bowl wide receiver (and Nadin’s favorite player) DeSean Jackson, and offensive linemen Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans.  Jackson got involved when he thought of his younger 13 year old brother, and wanted to help make sure the publicity surrounding this beating was positive.  So with the help of the Eagles franchise, Jackson started up the DeSean Jackson Against Bullying foundation to help kids who are victims of school bullying.  He also gave Nadin the jersey off his back, autographed of course, and to top it off gave him his personal cell phone number in case he needed anything.  The Eagles gave the family Eagles tickets, Philadelphia 76ers tickets, and other memorabilia.

This to me sounds like a definite example of athletes who are part of the good in sports, and deserve recognition for their exploits both on and off the field. For this, we give DeSean Jackson a Gold Star and commend him and the Eagles for stepping up on this issue.

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