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NHL Scores a “Hat” Trick

Hartford Whalers NHL Hockey Shirt and logo.According to the NHL, last season’s award-winning “History Will be Made” advertising campaign was one of the most successful in its history, helping drive more than 302 million TV viewers to the Stanley Cup playoffs. So, of course, the NHL is going to the well again with a new series of commercials in the hopes to snag more viewers. Viewers just like me.

I grew up watching Gretzky, Messier and Kurri. I was an Oiler fan because, in Florida, you didn’t get to see much hockey and when you did, it was generally playoff time and Edmonton was always there. I will be the first to admit, as the players came and went (Wayne to the Kings, Mark to the Rangers) and the team’s record started to suffer, I became disinterested. Disinterested in the team, disinterested in the sport, in general. Now, many years later, I may catch a few minutes of a game here and there when flipping through the channels, solely relying on the news to keep me abreast of the latest developments in the sport. When the playoffs roll around, I will watch slightly more, but not by much. Maybe a Game 7 here and there.

Today, that all changed, which is quite ironic. It’s ironic because, you see, I have never owned a single piece of anything related to the NHL in my life. But just yesterday, UPS delivered a package addressed to my wife. I emailed her to let her know and to my surprise, she told me to open it, that it was for me. I immediately, like a kid who just slammed 10 pixie-sticks, ripped open the box. Inside, to my surprise, was a retro Hartford Whalers T-shirt (long story short, last week I was watching “Grown Ups” and Adam Sandler was wearing a Whalers shirt and I mentioned to my wife that I thought that shirt was cool).

Today, I’m sitting in my brand-new retro Whalers shirt and I run across this video, the first TV spot for the upcoming “History Will Be Made” campaign. Chills. In just 31 seconds, the NHL has me hooked. Kudos to you, NHL; the scenes, the evolution of the player and the music work together perfectly. The more you watch it, the better it gets. I tip my hat to you and give you a Gold Star for this amazing commercial. You can bet that I will be watching the playoffs a lot more this season, proudly wearing my new Hartford Whalers t-shirt. What about you?

Watch it:


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A passionate San Francisco Giants fan who had a great 2010! Flew his butt from Florida to San Fran to see games 1 and 2 of the 2010 World Series and was in the stands for Roy Halladay’s perfect game in Miami. For him, baseball is life! Also a big fan of Hoosiers basketball and Penn State football. Favorite all-time athletes? Cal Ripken, Will Clark and Barry Bonds.


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