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Georgia State Coach Lends Hands To Put Footwear on African Kids

Many athletes and coaches have been associated with the charity Samaritan’s Feet through the years.  Samaritan’s Feet is a charitable organization that helps put shoes on impoverished children in African nations.  The most recent college coach to take a trip to Africa was Georgia State basketball coach Ron Hunter.  Hunter is now finishing his stretch in Nigeria to help the kids there, and was taken aback by the conditions there.  It is nice to see someone with the right perspective on the world even though we are highly privileged here in America.  As Hunter told Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Doug Roberson, “The poverty is …I wish people could see what I see.  It’s raining, people have nowhere to go. In America, when it rains you go inside. There’s no inside for these people.”  On Sunday, Samaritan’s Feet gave away 1,000 pairs of shoes, yet over 5,000 kids showed up to get shoes.  The 1,000 pairs of shoes given out is the limit that Samaritan’s Feet sets for each stop in order to make sure they don’t run out before they get to the last stop.  Hunter is hoping to bring his entire team with him next summer to help with the charity so they can see the same things he saw on this trip.  For his work with Samaritan’s Feet, we here at The Good In Sports would like to commend Ron Hunter of Georgia State for a job well done and proudly award him with a TGiS Gold Star! Keep up the great work, Coach!


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One thought on “Georgia State Coach Lends Hands To Put Footwear on African Kids

  1. That would be amazing if he could somehow get the entire team there next season! Great story.

    Posted by JC | June 28, 2011, 10:17 am

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