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Rangers With a Feel Good Pick

One of the goals of this site is to establish a working relationship with sports bloggers around the world, giving them a place to share their own positive sports stories, whether those are personal stories, or stories they’ve run across involving the sporting world. This one is a collaboration with our buds at Infield Chatter, a blog written by a couple of friends who love talking about sports.

This has to be one of the more feel-good stories of the year in sports and has been all over the sporting blogs. In the 2011 MLB Amatuer Draft, the Texas Rangers took someone very unexpected, but very deserving. Jonathan Taylor, of the Georgia Bulldogs, was drafted by the Texas Rangers with their 33rd round pick. However, there is something different about Taylor compared with all of the other draft picks. Taylor is paralyzed from the waist down.

In a March 6, 2011 game against Florida State, Taylor, an outfielder with a career .312 average in over 115 games, was paralyzed during a collision with his own teammate, Zach Cone. From all accounts, Taylor was scouted by the Rangers in high school and was already on their list of players to draft prior to the injury. Said Georgia coach David Perno of the pick, “This was truly a classy move and a great gesture on the part of the Texas Rangers organization. J.T. is definitely a player worthy of getting drafted. He’s been a big part of our program, and we are all very excited for him. When I talked to him after he got the call, he was in the middle of his rehabilitation work, laughing and having a good time and was thrilled to be drafted.”

Can this story get any better? Yes, it can! What made it even more special for Taylor was that the teammate he collided with, best-friend Zach Cone, was picked 37th overall by the Rangers. “I was pumped up when the Rangers told me they were thinking about drafting J.T., and then I got a call saying that they had drafted him,” said Cone. “I was already planning on going over to see him and now we can talk about the Rangers. This made my day, it’s just awesome, and I’m so happy for him.”

We totally agree with our friends at Infield Chatter. We absolutely love this story. The Rangers, a classy organization with this move, earn a Gold Star! Great job, Texas!  Additionally, we wish Mr. Taylor the best in his rehab and his future in baseball!

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