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My all-time favorite Buckeye

It doesn’t take very long to realize who I root for when you get to know me.  I wear those team colors all the time. However, you do have to dig a little deeper to find out who my favorite athletes are. You see, I’m one of those guys who is all about the “team” or, rather, the concept of it. I believe that all great teams in history were just that – great.

There may have been a great individual — like Michael Jordan for example — who just happens to be my favorite player. Or Kenny Anderson, who really only enjoyed one really great team in his career for my Bengals.  My first favorite Buckeye was Jim Karsatos and he played for the Buckeyes for a long time.  I met him and became friends with him. He never really did play on a great Ohio State team, but was honestly a really good QB in an offensive lineman’s body! He remains a favorite to this day, along with Orlando Pace and Andy Katzenmoyer. If you know the Buckeyes, I don’t have to explain why those two are favorites.  The only two OSU jerseys that I’ve ever owned and worn belong to Pace and Katzenmoyer. I still wear my Big Kat 45 on Saturdays that I’m not ushering in Ohio Stadium, until this year.

I have a new favorite all-time Buckeye and he has quite possibly dethroned Michael Jordan as my all-time favorite athlete. This guy does it all right.  He is about the team, his ‘sacred brotherhood’, and really does not care about what he accomplishes this season, personally. He cares about how his team will survive the biggest scandal to ever hit this storied program. He is always tweeting positive quotes and keeps touch with his Buckeyes faithfully. I mean literally keeps in touch. He does not always wait for someone to mention him or give a shout-out on twitter. He’s approaching 4,000 followers today and I can tell you that he has thanked each and every one of them individually as the followed him. He has a golden and big heart and does whatever it takes to keep the Buckeye Nation cheered up. He has literally, and I do mean with the help of other Buckeye players, made it his mission to show the world that all of what has happened isn’t going to take his team down. The only thing he cares about is this team shocking the world and silencing the doubters.

Beginning with Akron on September 3rd, he and his teammates, a team without really any true identity, want to prove they belong. That the team itself, not the individuals left behind, will triumph and take care of business. In his positive and cheerful nature on twitter, this player has not mentioned coach Tressell and the situation the team is in. He only tells his followers and the fans of the Ohio State University what they are gonna do and how they will represent Buckeye Nation.

I am purchasing my new #7 jersey to wear on those Saturdays that I’m not in Ohio Stadium working as an usher and cheering my Buckeyes to victory.

For the first time in what seems like forever, I will be cheering on an individual, and his name is Travis Howard.

I know he’ll be doing a great job on the field, because he is a great player.  However, he is my new favorite all-time Buckeye because of the great human being that he is, and how real he is to his fans. Trav, (as I like to call him and am not sure he actually likes it, haha) takes time out of his busy days getting ready for this fall to interact with the growing fan-base that he has on Twitter. There is a fan page for him on Twitter as well, and if you have something positive to say, he’ll love it!  If you need something positive, he’s always providing us fans with hope. Not just hope that this will be a great team, but hope for everything that we deal with everyday.

Give Trav a yell, he’ll respond, and if you follow him, he will personally thank you for the follow. You will soon see why he is my new all-time favorite Buckeye!

Follow Travis Howard on Twitter:  @Travishoward_7

Follow Travis Howard’s fan page on Twitter: @Howard_Island_7


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3 thoughts on “My all-time favorite Buckeye

  1. Nice read! I’m a big fan of Travis Howard too. He’s definitely taken on a leadership role with the team and has been a great ambassador of tOSU on twitter. I’m hoping that he will be named a team captain and go on to have a great season. If not, he along with Sabino will still be two of my current favorite Silver Bullets!

    As for my all-time favorites, that title goes to Eddie George & Antione Winfield. Take care, keep blogging, & I hope to see you in The Shoe sometime this season!

    Go Bucks!!!

    Posted by stadium guy | July 22, 2011, 10:40 am
    • THANK YOU!!! I’m glad you liked the article. I see Great things in Travis. Something I’ve really never seen at tOSU before. And the fact that we have a guy like him leading will help keeping the team from tearing itself apart during tougher times. Thank you for your comment!!! Take care

      Sent from Chris Hunt’s Iphone

      Posted by wvabuckeye | July 22, 2011, 11:36 am
  2. Great article Chris! The way he responds to well wishes etc and not just people begging for a retweet (lol) is great! I am also looking forward to Tyvis Powell. That kid seems very dedicated to being a great player and leader! BuckeyeNation has a lot of good football in our future!

    Posted by Angie (@atj1971) | November 24, 2011, 6:28 pm

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