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New York Giants Give Herzlich a Chance

The New York Giants have signed undrafted free agent Mark Herzlich. Herzlich, from Boston College, is a study in perseverance. As a junior at BC, Herzlich, listed at 6’4″ and 245 lbs, was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Ewing’s Sarcoma usually occurs in young males and effects the legs, and other long bones. Previously the ACC Player of The Year and the league’s active leader in career tackles with 247, Mark had to quit football for one year while receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments on a ten inch tumor in his left leg.

In 2010, Herzlich again stepped onto the Boston College football field.  Upon his return, he certainly was not playing at the level he was previously, but as he regained his strength, he certainly made strides towards becoming his old self. He started all 13 games, was third on the team in tackles (65) and won the Rudy Award as well as the ACC’s Brian Piccolo award. He was passed over in the draft completely by all 32 teams, but continued to work and strive for his dream of playing in the NFL.

The Giants, who have ties to Boston College, have decided to take a chance on the young man whom at one point was a sure fire top pick, but has shown himself to be a fighter, a hard worker, and a top flight individual. This is one guy we can all root for this pre-season. Kudos to the Giants organization, and all the luck in the world to Mr. Mark Herzlich, we hope your dream comes true.

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