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Patriots Presenting Community MVP Award

Former New England Patriots T Max Lane and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation will be appearing in Watertown, MA on August 16th at 11:30 AM to present a commemorative check for $25,000 to 2011 Community MVP winner Nomi Kaim.  Ms. Kaim was awarded the check based on her work as a volunteer for the Asberger’s Association of New England, and she herself has been living with Asberger’s.  She volunteers her time there because of her experience dealing with Asberger’s, and relates her experiences and communicates with the participants in the program through her writing skills. The Patriots have written a $25,000 to the Asberger’s Association of New England on Ms. Kaim’s behalf, and before the presentation Lane will tour the foundation.  There will also be a trivia contest between Lane and Kaim with volunteers and participants from the AANE on each side of the contest.


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