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Astros Operation Veteran Appreciation

As a fan of baseball and as someone who albeit briefly lived the military life, I am always proud to come across something that combines the two.  So when I was presented with the information regarding the Houston Astros and their “Operation Veteran Appreciation”, I had to check it out.

On July 15, 2011, the Houston Astros started to select one veteran for each home game for the remainder of the season as their veteran of the day.  This veteran is given two tickets to the Astros game, and $15 that can be spent at the ballpark.  The seats that the veteran is given isn’t just for any two seats though.  The seats are specifically designed with a patriotic theme in order to be easily recognized and honored at the game.  Fans are given the opportunity to nominate their favorite veteran to be awarded these tickets on the Houston Astros’ website.

In honor of their tribute to veterans, not just on a one-time basis but for the rest of the season, we here at The Good In Sports would like to honor the Houston Astros franchise with a Gold Star.  We believe strongly in patriotism, and nothing is more American than patriotism and baseball.

  • To nominate a veteran to be honored, please visit the Houston Astros’ website here.

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