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John Wallace: Educating Toronto youth

This was sent to us from our friends, Dave and Audley, from The Breakdown Show, a popular weekly online radio and television basketball talk show that features funny, engaging athlete/celebrity interviews and NBA news. They are teaming up with former NBA’er John Wallace for a great cause. 

The city of Toronto has always been a special place for John Wallace.

It’s where he enjoyed his greatest personal NBA success.

These days, he wants to give back by giving free seminars to encourage the importance of literacy in select organizations in the Toronto/GTA area. These seminars are a pre-cursor to a campaign being planned for the school year.

Wallace says, “You know, Toronto has given me so much support when I played here especially when we went through our really bad losing streak. I really wanted to do something that could have a positive impact on that city. To me, helping young people realize the importance of reading is crucial since it’s such an important skill to have. It’s my privilege to help open their eyes.”

The former Syracuse University star is a part of a youth mentoring organization called “Winning Because I Tried” (WBIT). It promotes positive youth development by increasing self-esteem and education regarding good habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Joined by WBIT founder, Modie Cox, they’ll pass on their literacy message while teaming up with Toronto natives, Audley Stephenson and Dave Mendonca on their tour.

Stephenson and Mendonca are co-hosts of the hit online basketball talk program, The Breakdown with Dave & Audley and have released a baller and celebrity quote book which will be used to encourage youth to read.

“Basketball Talk, The Way It Should Be!” will be a part of Wallace’s fall literacy campaign called “Slam Dunk Illiteracy”.

Stephenson mentions, “Dave and I are proud to join John and Modie on this important journey to help kids understand the value of reading. Dave is still learning, so hopefully, he’ll pick up a thing or two.”

In addition, some of the proceeds of “Basketball Talk, The Way It Should Be!” will be donated to Mississauga-area charities, Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton and the ErinoakKids Foundation.

Overall, Wallace’s wish to help a city that has been great to him, is finally coming true and Toronto’s youth will no doubt reap the benefits.

Kudos to Mr. Wallace for working to help educate the youth of Toronto, a noble cause, indeed, and worthy of a Gold Star! A special thanks to Dave and Audley for helping the efforts and for sending us this story. Great work, guys!

  • To find out more about Wallace’s organization “Winning Because I Tried” visit this link.

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