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A grand cause

NEW YORK — As one of fewer than 30 Major League players and coaches that hold a four-year college degree, Curtis Granderson has always understood the importance of education, and is making a difference in schools across America through his educational foundation – Grand Kids. Founded in 2007, the Grand Kids Foundation seeks to improve educational environments and provide baseball opportunities for inner city youth.

Since its outset, the Grand Kids Foundation has given back more than $80,000 to schools and programs across the country through funds both raised and donated. Because there are no overhead costs, the foundation is able to give away 100% of the proceeds. The foundation’s proceeds go to purchase school supplies for youth in need, as well as purchase supplies and books for schools whose funds are not enough to fulfill the need. In accordance with the mission and vision of the Grand Kids Foundation, proceeds also go to establish and purchase equipment for baseball programs in inner cities.

In 2009 Granderson wrote and published a children’s book, All You Can Be: Dream It, Draw It, Become It!, that chronicled stories of his childhood and encourages children to follow their dreams. All royalties from the book are given directly back to the foundation. The book includes artwork from fourth grade contest winners in Michigan.

The Grand Kids Foundation has plans to expand and provide grants to schools for art programs, field trips and educational computer supplies in the future.

Because of his continued support and philanthropic efforts of youth education, Granderson was awarded the MLBPA Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award in 2009, and has been nominated three times for the Roberto Clemente Award – twice in Detroit and once in New York. For this, we also award Curtis Granderson with a  well-deserved Gold Star!

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