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Atlanta Falcons “Rise Up & Share”

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Falcons understand the popularity of the NFL and their hometown team. This year they started a new season ticket program called “Rise Up & Share”, which allows fans and companies to purchase season tickets for $350.00 a seat for non-profit partners and give deserving families a chance to attend a Falcons home-game. The idea came from Falcons Limited Partner Derek Smith and is administered through the Falcons Youth Foundation. The program will make it possible for 1,000 people to attend a game that normally would not.

“One of my greatest memories growing up was going to a professional sporting event with my dad,” Smith stated. “We would like to help others who might not be able to afford it themselves create those special memories. We hope Falcons fans will step up, either individually or by pooling resources with their friends or family, to make this program a success.”

The Good In Sports, Inc. salutes the Atlanta Falcons and their positive impact on the community by giving them a “Gold Star In Sports”. What a wonderful opportunity for memories to be made! A special kudos to those purchasing the tickets for use in this initiative. Great work!

  • To purchase tickets that you wish to donate, call 404-367-2189 or 404-367-2190 or email with “RISE UP AND SHARE” in the subject line.

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One thought on “Atlanta Falcons “Rise Up & Share”

  1. Good to hear. Wish all NFL teams did this.

    Posted by Louis | September 12, 2011, 1:40 am

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