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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Glazer Family Foundation

During every Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game, there is more going on than you see on television.  In 1999, owner Malcolm Glazer teamed up with his wife Linda and other family members to establish the Glazer Family Foundation.  Since then they have been making dreams come true for many in Central Florida.

This Monday when the Buccaneers take on the Indianapolis Colts in Tampa, the Glazer family will host “Gameday for Kids” as they do for all home games. This week in attendance will be “Woman to Woman” (education and prevention program for teenage mothers and pregnant girls), “Paralympic Sport Tampa Bay” (provides year-round sports and recreational programs promoting activities for children and adults with physical disabilities) and “Hillsborough County Children’s Services” (a Residential Group Care facility that houses dependent children between 6-17).  All told, 100 lucky people will be in attendance.

The Good In Sports is proud to recognize the Glazer Family Foundation and all they do for residents of Central Florida.

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One thought on “Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Glazer Family Foundation

  1. I would like to acquaint your organization with a homeless and disabled veterans program – Liberty Manor for Veterans. My husband, David Lindsay and I were the Brandon couple that made headlines due to a hit & run motorcycle accident that left my husband and severely injured May 15th. I am in a quandary as to how to financially support Liberty Manor – a meritorious initiative that we started ten years ago.

    As you might imagine, the costs for a program the size of Liberty Manor is astronomical. I was way over my head when I thought I could pull this off by myself. I purchased the residence for the veterans but was unaware that I would be required to install a fire suppression system. When you house more than four individuals that are not related to each other Florida State Statute requires a fire suppression system, fire extinguishers as well as monitoring services, two phone lines, etc. All and all, this costs an unanticipated $85,000.00! I actually could have purchased another house for that amount of money! I survived this hurdle by procuring a personal loan, which today, I still owe $82K!!!

    I have encountered other un anticipated expenses since then such as termite treatment which I paid from my personal funds AND paid for all the veterans to stay at a hotel for two days (this included all expenses such as food) as they did not have the ability to cook while in a hotel and they were homeless so they could not purchase food on their own. Then, the house was infested with bedbugs, which we got from a Veteran Per Diem Grant program! We disposed of all of our carpeting and replaced it with tile, disposed of all draperies and replaced them with verticals, threw out seventeen perfectly good beds and replaced them with all new beds – again at my own expense. Liberty Manor does not receive any government funding because the veterans that we serve do not have drug or alcohol addictions and if you opt for the VA grant, the VA will require our veterans to attend drug and alcohol addiction classes and dietary classes which our veteran refuse to be under the scrutiny of the VA again. The veterans at Liberty Manor have a real distrust of government and it is their contention that if they are overweight, their content with their physic and do not wish to go to dietary classes on Saturday mornings at 8am. Liberty Manor fills the “void in services” that are NOT duplicated by any other agency, this program is truly unique and we feel fortunate that we provide this service to our veterans here in Tampa. It is my hope that your organization might consider adopting Liberty Manor in an effort to continue providing this service to our homeless veterans – at least until I am unable to continue my personal support. I am merely a middle class civilian who stepped up in an attempt to make a difference in our community, coupled with my love for veterans for making it possible for me to procure a college degree and enjoy the freedom of religion and many other rights that we have in America – it made Liberty Manor for Veterans a perfect union.

    I am convinced that any organization would find it rewarding to assist fifty veterans that we serve at Liberty Manor and one-hundred fifty every year – well over a thousand since 2006. I might suggest organizing an event at Liberty Manor – anything! Please help make the motto a reality by the promise these veterans were given by “leaving no man behind”. Thank you in advance for your consideration and please consider making Liberty Manor for Veterans as one of your regular charities to assist – they deserve our help. You can make a donation using Paypal on the Liberty Manor website, or mail to P.O. Box 274081 Tampa, FL 33688-4081. Please help our veterans – at least until which time my husband and I can support them again. We are a big community with big hearts and the mere reason we can enjoy a game of football, choose our religious faith and do all that we enjoy doing in America is because of the men & women that served in our Armed Forces.
    Connie Lindsay
    Chief Executive Officer
    Business of the Year Finalist Chamber of Commerce
    Bay News 9 Community Hero
    City of Tampa Mayors Alliance Volunteer Award
    Am Vets National Americanism Award
    Florida State Senate Proclamation
    Elks National Veterans Service Commission – Freedom Award
    Hillsborough County Veterans Council Spirit Award
    WEDU Judges Choice Category Finalist
    Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
    Arthur Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist – INC. Magazine
    Alumni Member – Gamma Beta Phi Society
    Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses and Who’s Who of American Women
    Tampa Bay Buccaneer Community Quarterback Award Winner
    Memberships: Veterans Advocacy Council, Veterans Affairs Council
    Board Member Patriotic Instructor – VFW Auxiliary
    Second VP – American Legion Auxiliary
    Member Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce
    James Haley & Bay Pines Veterans Advocacy Council
    Hillsborough County Veteran Affairs Council

    Posted by Connie Lindsay | September 22, 2014, 7:00 pm

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