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Buccaneers visit with children

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — The Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders brought a few special guests with them to the fall festival at Metropolitan Ministries. James Lee, Myron Lewis, Elbert Mack and Dekoda Watson also attended the event.

The Bucs spent the day playing games, dancing and other activities with the homeless and at-risk students from the school. “You’d be surprised, the children really don’t ask that many football questions,” said cornerback Elbert Mack  during a recent visit to the Metropolitan Ministries Partnership School.

“They just want to know simple things like, ‘Where is your mom? Where is your dad?’ We try not to let them know that they’re going through hardships. We try to keep them positive and interact with them the best we can. As long as they’re smiling, we’re doing our job.”

Mack, who has volunteered at Metropolitan Ministries for the past four years, says the visit is one he will never turn down.

Metropolitan Ministries is a nonprofit, nondenominational, faith-based organization that provides assistance for poor and homeless families. Founded in 1972, the organization offers a wide spectrum of supportive services to alleviate suffering, promote human dignity and instill self-sufficiency.

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