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Seattle Mariners Care Foundation tops a million

Seattle Mariners Care Logo MLB BaseballSEATTLE — The Seattle Mariners Care Foundation set a franchise record during the 2011 season when they collected one million dollars for the twelfth year in a row. Since being created in 1999, the Mariners Care Foundation has raised an incredible $12.5 million.

“We take our responsibility to the community very seriously at the Seattle Mariners. I’m proud that Mariners Care, our corporate partners and our fans have helped make such a positive and lasting impact on our community,” said Howard Lincoln, Mariners Chair and CEO.

Throughout the 2011 season, Mariners Care and their corporate partners supported over 1,500 charities. Some of the charities included were: Boys & Girls Club of Kings County, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Seattle Children’s Make A Wish Foundation.

As a result of being the home team of legendary Japanese outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki, the Seattle Mariners and the Mariners Care Foundation put an emphasis in relief money offered to the Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief efforts. In total, of the $1 million raised, the Mariners Care Foundation gave $110,000 to the relief efforts.

Despite struggling on the baseball diamond, the Seattle Mariners are one of the league leaders in charity and community work. As we noted earlier, since 1999, the Mariners Care Foundation has raised $12.5 million in donations. Aside from monetary donations, Mariners Care and the current members of its roster are often seen throughout the community lending a helping hand.

We are proud to award the Mariners with a Gold Star for their continued work in the community.

  • If you would like to donate or volunteer with Mariners Care, visit their website at

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