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NFL’er Matt Ware: Interview

Matt Ware was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2004 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, out of UCLA. After 5 seasons as a pro, with both the Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals, Matt was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes. While that may have deterred many from continuing the pursuit of their dreams, it only motivated Ware.

In March of 2011, the Arizona Cardinals awarded Matt with the Ed Block Courage Award. The award, which honors those who exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage, was voted on by his teammates. But Matt’s not just courageous on the field; off the field, he actively engages in numerous activities that give back to the community. Fortunately for us, we had the honor of interviewing Matt regarding the ways he gives back.

TGiS: Matt, thanks for taking the time discuss your off the field work in the community with us. It truly is an honor. When you were growing up, who was your role-model and why?

Matt Ware: When I was growing up, my role model was my dad and he still is. My dad has always been the same guy. He never allowed circumstances to change the way that he treated his family and I always loved and admired my dad for that, even at a young age. Just a caring compassionate person, day in and out.

TGiS: As an adult, when you think of a role model in professional sports, who is the first name that comes to mind?

Matt Ware: When I look at a role model, I look directly at Brian Dawkins. You’re talking about a man of great faith and practices what he preaches everyday. I feel blessed to have played with him and to have learned from him, not only as a player, but more importantly as a man.

TGiS: I know you’re very active off the gridiron. Off the field, what are you most passionate about?

Matt Ware: I’m most passionate about helping people and more importantly, our youth in any way possible. I help out in as many different facets as possible, whether it’s a reading program, speaking engagements or helping raise money or awareness for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Those are my passions.

TGiS: What are your favorite ways to give back to the community?
Matt Ware: I like giving back to the community in a hands-on type of way. It’s easy to give money to things, but to really give your time is life changing. I remember meeting athletes that I looked up to and for them to actually be there in the flesh was huge for my goals and dreams being developed.
TGiS: You’ve been active in the community for quite a while. How and when did you first get involved with volunteering?
Matt Ware: I first started volunteering while at Loyola High School. The school slogan is, “Being A Man For Others.” That’s when I started and have continued ever since.
TGiS: You mentioned the JDRF. Is there a particular cause or organization that is especially important to you?
Matt Ware: I hold the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation very close to my heart because I am type 1. I am very familiar with what others are going through and to be able to help them, or just be a positive influence, is very gratifying to me.
TGiS: Is there one event or occasion that stands out in your mind while volunteering that really made an impact in your life?
Matt Ware: I can’t put a finger on one specific event that meant more to me than another one because each event has its own feel to me. I think that anytime you are able to touch just one person and possibly change their life, then you have fulfilled your purpose. To me that makes all events just as special.
TGiS: What advice do you have for kids who look up to you & dream to one day be in your shoes?
Matt Ware: The advice that I would give a kid that looks up to me is that they should never leave anything to chance. Go for your dreams and leave no stone unturned while on your destination. Listen to those who love you and have faith in God. All things are possible through him. Go for it!
  • For more information on Matt, visit his website at http://www.mattware22.com/.
  • Special thanks to Matt and his team at Arkay for setting up this interview.

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One thought on “NFL’er Matt Ware: Interview

  1. Joe – great stuff! Wishing the best for Matt Ware.

    Posted by Sam Sankovich | November 16, 2011, 11:08 pm

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