Mission: The Good in Sports Inc. is a non-profit organization
(currently in the process of attaining 501(c)(3) status) devoted to educating the public about the positive influence athletics has on the community and  encouraging, promoting and engaging in philanthropic activities in professional and collegiate athletics. We believe in highlighting the many ways coaches, athletes and teams give back, providing an alternative, more uplifting perspective on sports news than is normally reported, while promoting positive role
models for our youth.

Disheartened by all of the negative news stories about athletes dominating the internet and seeing the need for a different spin and more uplifting voice in sports news, The Good In Sports was born. Our goal is to tackle the negative perception of professional athletics by highlighting the ways professional and collegiate athletes, coaches and sports teams give back to their communities, act as role models and enrich the lives of their fans.

Through this process, we will award athletes, coaches and teams with Gold Stars. Why Gold Stars? Well, one of the many reasons we created this site is to illustrate to kids the amazingly positive and life-changing impact that their heroes can have on other people. Kids earn Gold Stars at school for stellar work, so we felt this was a perfect nexus and something they could easily relate to. That, and the fact that we think it’s pretty cool!

When we hear about an athlete, coach or team doing something that we feel is deserving of a Gold Star, we’ll write a blurb. If you hear about something you feel is worthy of mention on the site, we encourage you to let us know. The fact is, a lot of the good things that happen in sports are only reported locally, so we are going to rely on you to help us bring these stories to a larger audience!

With all of that said, The Good in Sports is not just about disseminating a positive message, but also about making a difference.  Recent stories have highlighted Operation Blessing and Home Depot’s efforts in rebuilding a little league park in Joplin, Missouri and raised money for “High Socks for Hope” for The David and Erin Robertson Foundation, dedicated to assisting those affected by the tornadoes throughout the state of Alabama.  The Good In Sports also works closely with professional sports teams to help make dreams become reality, most recently working with the Atlanta Braves to get one passionate fan the chance of a lifetime.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our positive, uplifting content. We would love for you to join in on the discussions, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! We hope to hear from you soon!

Note: Do you know a child who has a special story and loves sports? If you have a special story and would like to work with The Good In Sports, Inc to promote and/or engage in a philanthropic activity with a professional or collegiate athlete or team, send us an Email! We may be able to help!

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