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Tommy Joseph’s Standout August

Kudos goes to San Jose Giants catcher, Tommy Joseph, who’s had an amazing past couple of weeks and who’s recent August success can serve as evidence against the contrary notion that ball players go through slumps, late in the season. For the week of August 8 through the 14th, Joseph was named California League Player … Continue reading

Kevin Robinson: Motivating A New Generation

While working at The Good in Sports, I’ve interacted with some truly amazing and passionate sports fans. That being said, it’s refreshing to see the receptive and welcoming attitudes that we’ve received from many of the heroes we look up to–our favorite athletes.Through such an exchange, one of the athletes that we have had the … Continue reading

Milwaukee Brewers: Community Foundation Week

Through August 16, the Milwaukee Brewers will be hosting their Community Foundation Week; raising money for recreational, healthcare-related, as well as educational programs that benefit the Milwaukee-based community. Activities include(d): Wives Mystery Grab Bag: The wives of Milwaukee Brewers players will be selling autographed items from their husbands and other current players in order to … Continue reading