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Pujols Family Foundation solid as a rock

ST. LOUIS — Albert Pujols may not know where he’ll be playing ball next season, but he does know that certain subjects hit close to home. Such as impoverished children growing up in the Dominican Republic (he was once one of those himself). And children with Down syndrome (he has a daughter with with DS). … Continue reading

For Minnesota Wild, good things come in tens

ST. PAUL, Minn. — If there’s one thing Minnesotans like, it’s their hockey. (Well, and their lutefisk if they are Norwegian Lutherans, but this is a piece about hockey). In a gesture of appreciation to, and for, the puck-crazed fans of the Great White North, the Minnesota Wild and Xcel Energy Center recently announced the completion … Continue reading

Tigers “Keeping Kids In The Game”… and the Park

Many times, a professional sports team’s “charity” with the local hospital involves sending a few middle relievers or backup infielders to the children’s floor to sign autographs and take a few pictures. But the Detroit Tigers do things a little differently. Instead of sending players to the hospital for visits, the Tigers are bringing children … Continue reading