TGiS In The Community

The Good in Sports, Inc. is not just about disseminating a positive message, but also about making a difference. Periodically, when we feature an athlete, coach or team that is doing great things through a personal charity, we’ll do what we can to add a little donation and hopefully bring a little more publicity to the cause. If you would like to help us support a cause, please make sure to contact us. Our goal is to do at least one thing each month!

Also, do you know a child who has a special story and loves sports? The Good In Sports also specializes in working with collegiate and professional sports teams to promote and engage in philanthropic activities. If you have a story and would like to work with us, please send us an Email! We may be able to help!

Donations and Activities:

  • November, 2011: Donation Made: Ran a 5K for a community cause!
  • November, 2011: Donation Made: Ran a 5K for a good cause to thank everyone for helping us reach 3K followers on Twitter!
  • October, 2011: Donation Made: High Socks For Hope: David Robertson (and Erin), Pitcher, New York Yankees
  • August, 2011: Activity: Norris/Braves: Worked with the Braves to send Norris to a game.

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