Guest Writers

Our Guest Writers write periodically and without “deadlines.” If you’re interested in being a Guest Writer for The Good in Sports, visit Join the Team!


  • Brian – Guest Writer

Was born in NY but has spent most of his life in Florida. Currently attends the University of Florida (Go Gators) and is a passionate Yankees, Giants and Knicks fan. He refuses to ever miss a home Gator game!

  • Harry – Guest Writer

Huge Yankees/Cowboys/Rangers/Knicks fan. Has seen 5 World Series games live, including the 1996 clincher. Also loves Duke hoops and Ohio State football.

SF Bay Area kid, born and bred. Loves SF Giants, SJ Sharks, and SF (not Santa Clara) 49ers more than anything, except her dog. Considers AT&T Park a second home. Also a Comm Student with big dreams at USF.

Blogger, writer for, opinionated and passionate sports fan.

Penn State alum and current athletic communications department employee. Was member of Team USA for several years and competed in track at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Although she currently resides in State College, Pa., she was raised in Jersey and is a New York City girl at heart. She’s a non-profit, social media, athletics, traveling, and tea enthusiast who is in the process of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer.


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